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Mandy believes in a holistic approach to healthy living. Because humans are complex, simple and generic fitness and nutrition plans are ineffective. Mandy specializes in women’s fitness; she maintains the philosophy is that EVERYONE is capable of achieving and maintaining fitness through implementation of a healthy living plan that suits their lifestyle. One-size DOES NOT fit all when it comes to diet and exercise, therefore Mandy creates customized plans that suit each of her clients’ individual circumstances: their goals, their lifestyle and their needs. As such, Mandy offers a variety of individualized programming including meal planning, fitness planning, lifestyle coaching and more! Not sure what you need? Book a free consultation to find out what programs might suit you.




FREE Consultations!!!

Time: 30 mins

Cost: FREE

Wondering where to start on your healthy living journey? How about with a consultation! A consultation involves taking detailed measurements in order to determine your body composition, as well as a discussion of your goal(s). Based on your weight, body measurements, body fat percentage and goals, Mandy will make program recommendations. Consultations are complimentary.

Personalized Consulting

Time: 60 mins

Cost: $60/hr

If you are looking for a more personalized discussion of nutrition, fitness and/or lifestyle goals, book a personalized appointment with Mandy. During your appointment, you can discuss and plan a variety of wellness-related topics: review current fitness or nutrition plans, discuss expectations, set appropriate and achievable goals, practice guided mindfulness, develop new habits, discuss hunger management, learn about intermittent fasting, etc.

Online Fitness Programs

Time:  Varies

Cost: Starts at $100

Mandy delivers customized fitness plans via an app. Each workout is custom-made for individual clients’ needs. The plans are detailed and specific and include a video demonstration of each exercise. Fitness plans start at $100.

Online Nutrition Coaching

Time: 3-month subscription 

Cost: $300

Mandy’s practice is to teach clients how to eat to suit their individual body types as well as to meet their individual goals. It is Mandy’s view that one size does not fit all when it comes to fat loss, so she draws from a multitude of strategies, dependent on a number of factors making up a client’s lifestyle. (3-month initial subscription as a client is $300)